Beautiful Japan: Sapporo, my love

As the title says, I fell in love with Sapporo. To be honest while traveling north I always kind of missed Tokyo and didn’t look forward to reaching Hokkaido’s biggest city. But oh, when we did! It was love at first sight!

I think I got attached to it because it’s roughly the same size as my hometown, rather small and somehow more welcoming and safe than huge cities such as Tokyo. It’s a lot harder to get lost and a lot easier to find your way around due to it’s street structure (blocks like in New York). All in all a clumsy people (me) friendly city!

In the picture above you can see the back of the Sapporo station. I found the starry clock on the building very beautiful.

If I can remember correctly these pictures were taken in the park close to Sapporo’s City Hall. Look how beautiful the lotuses are!

A really interesting thing about Sapporo is its underground mall. Me and my cousin had to wander a bit before finding it, but when we did I also stumbled upon the first Liz Lisa shop! I bought two beautiful dresses and a jacked and I fell in love with the shop staff’s style. There I discovered gyaru.


Here is the entrance on a typical Japanese shopping street. Narrow, cluttered with all kinds of shops and people, a mess. A beautiful mess, that is.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day <3


  1. Your photos are beautiful I just wanted to scroll through them. I’m guessing that one store specializes in crab.

  2. Japan!!! I agree: my love! I Have been in Sapporo 4 years ago during the Snow Festival. Lovely time and amazing experience. In the winter season everything is white and soft…
    Tks for the memories!

  3. Looks like a place I’d like to visit someday!
    What did you do while you were there?
    I only know there’s a huge fishmarket but other than that….not a clue..

  4. I wish I had made it up to Hokkaido when I was living in Japan. Beautiful images, some of those places you captured actually remind me of areas of Tokyo, and it makes me nostalgic.

  5. Absolutely stunning photos. I would really like to know what kind of tree that was with the sign on it. Very amazing texture in that photo. Great blogging. Keep it up. Thank you so much for sharing of yourself with us.

  6. I worked for a brief while not that far from Sapporo, so visited the city a few times. It’s a pleasant city, and you’re right, a lot more human-scaled and manageable than Tokyo (though I loved Tokyo).

    My only little regret was that I had to return home just before it hosted a World Cup game between England and Argentina. Would love to have seen that while out there!

  7. very nice photos you have, i am envious!! i think anywhere in Japan is really beautiful, it was the first country i visited when i was a teenager, never been able to go back, i am sure it is a thousand times different now, it’s in my and my husband’s wish list to be able to go there someday. thank you for sharing!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I travelled to Japan a few years ago on a study abroad trip and miss it so much. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I went to Japan a few years ago for study abroad and absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. you’ve captured japan beautifully :) and liz lisa is a perfect start to gyaru! haha im so in love with how girly and floral and cutesy everything is <3

  11. Sapporo sort of looks like Sendai to me. Now I want to visit (the pictures of the deep snow my friends showed me made me think that traveling further north was not for me).

  12. I love how colorful it is over there. Its almost as if they try to blend in all kind of hot colors down there especially considering how beautiful the flowers are. I’m just glad to see they got things moving again after coming off such a rough year -,o

  13. I was so bummed, when I was in Shanghai last year August to Dec and did not get a chance to travel to Japan =/.
    Your photos are beautiful- has a slightly similar feel to Shanghai…but I know in the Asian cities there is so much more than meets the eye it’s difficult to say it is like any other city! I want to travel to Tokyo and Osaka next!

  14. Beautiful indeed!

    I took an Oriental Philosophy class in college. Our teacher was a Chinese american, Dr. Sun. I had travelled little, but he had travelled extensively. And I remember telling him how much I’d like to visit Japan, particularly Tokyo. He responded by telling me Tokyo was not the real Japan anymore–that if I wanted to see the real Japan, I’d need to visit outside of Tokyo.

  15. Yay! This is my hometown!!! Sapporo looks slightly better in your photos! hehe. I was very happy reading this post and made me a little bit nostalgic as I haven’t been back there for a while!! Nice post!!

  16. Interesting – When I first came out to my new home in Kyushu I felt the same way – that it felt a lot like home.

    I really miss Tokyo as well (best place EVAARRRR!) but out here’s a pretty close second. :)

  17. I always wanted to visit Tokyo because of their technology, but this photos just take your breath. Great share!

    my blog intervalstraining dot net

  18. Nice Japan!so rich!good thing you still manage to get to messy part of it, and yes beautiful mess is a love my dear!

  19. Hey these are great photos. What type of camera do you use? I thought about getting an entry level Nikon DSLR, but am still undecided.

    Also, any particular time of year you recommended going to Japan?

  20. Your photos and description definitely do capture the beauty, but it must be frighteningly cold up there in winter. It is a bit worrisome what is happening with the genetic defects after Fukushima as well, but somehow all will work out in the end. Best wishes in your travels! -‘tarotworldtour’

  21. Wonderful photos! It really is impossible to take a bad photo here, with such beauty and culture! I wish I could visit it someday. :)

  22. Haven’t yet crossed the Tsugaru straights, but hope to some time in the near future, maybe next winter to see the winter fez they have up there. But lovely to see some pictures of Hokkaido not burried in snow!

  23. I always get excited whenever Japan gets Freshly Pressed. Japan is a dream destination for me. My best friend, who has Japanese blood, always go back there during the Summer. Hope she can tour me around in the future…

  24. beautiful photos. it has always been a place i wanted to go so badly. after seeing this, i know i should start planning!

  25. Your post makes Sapporo loke so lovely. I have seen some of Honshu and Shikoku. You have whet my appetite for more of that and Hokkaido on top.

  26. these pictures are gorgeous! i’m into gyaru so i’ve heard about sapporo around the other blogs! these pictures are so gorgeous… it makes me want to visit there so much!

  27. It’s a beautiful country… the food , the people, and the scenery. I love their sushi…most authentic. A country of originality and creativity. Btw, nice photos :)

  28. You’ve been there?! (Of course you did… you just posted about it but..)

    Yeah, Japan is pretty beautiful even you see a bit mess in shopping districts but still… so beautiful.. a beautiful mess like what you just said!

    I’ve always wanted to take a visit to Japan, especially their animation capital, Suginami! Then also Tokyo and other more of Japan’s places with delightful boutiques of Gyaru clothing, Kei, Mori, etc… and other more shops! And many more of Japan!

  29. Beautiful pics and architecture. I would love to see my city (Detroit) once again look that good. Parts of Sapporo reminds me of Chicago the last time I was there some years back.

  30. Man I definitely want to visit Japan one day, I’ll definitely have to add this to the list of cities to hit up!

  31. I love the contrast of the clean glimmering windows of the modern city to the streets that portray the era that was before.. and you have soften the pictures making it look dreamy and romantic to suit the mood eventhough we have not been there :) Love it.. My dream destination..

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